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Butterfly Sterling Silver Anklet

Butterfly Sterling Silver Anklet TAL037 This simple, elegant sterling silver butterfly anklet captur..

$19.40 US

Celtic Knot Anklet

Celtic Knot Anklet TAL034 Composed of both trinity and quaternary Celtic knots, this eternal knot is..

$21.69 US

Celtic Knotwork Four Point Quaternary Knot Silver Anklet

Celtic Four Point Quaternary Knot Silver Anklet TBG727 A Quaternary or four point knot is said to re..

$18.26 US

Celtic Shamrock Silver Anklet

Celtic Shamrock Silver Anklet TBG728B 9" length We wish in silence every time we see a shamrock. Fr..

$19.79 US

Celtic Trinity Knot Anklet

Celtic Trinity Knot Anklet TAL036 Enclosed in a circle, this sterling silver triquetra anklet binds ..

$19.79 US

Celtic Triquetra Knot Silver Anklet

Celtic Triquetra Knot Silver Anklet TBG729 The Triquetra or Trinity knot speaks of concepts in group..

$18.26 US

Dolphin Love Silver Anklet TBG

Dolphin Love Silver Anklet TBG387 The enchantment of lovers is beautifully captured in the Dolphin L..

$25.50 US

Irish Claddagh Silver Anklet

Irish Claddagh Silver Anklet TBG726 The Claddagh is often given with the sentiments "With my two han..

$17.88 US

Om Meditation Anklet

This sterling silver Om symbol anklet is a simple, beautiful manifestation of harmony and balance.B ..

$30.82 US

Peace Silver Anklet

Peace Silver Anklet TAL035 Attaining Peace is as simple as the symbol itself, if only we reach for i..

$21.69 US

Sand dollar's beautiful reminder of the seashore ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry Anklet

Sand dollarbs beautiful reminder of the seashore ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry Anklet TBG377 Wandering ..

$21.69 US

Silver Crab Anklet

Silver Crab Anklet TBG371 With the Silver Crab Anklet, you can celebrate your love of the beach and ..

$23.59 US

Silver Turtle Anklet

Silver Turtle Anklet TBG380 Turtles are popular animal totems, and Peter Stone the world's leading m..

$19.79 US

Twin Dolphins Silver Anklet

Twin Dolphins Silver Anklet TBG374 No beach outfit is complete without the Twin Dolphins Silver Ankl..

$19.79 US

Your everyday little charm ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry Fantasy Dragon Anklet

Fantasy Dragon Silver Anklet TBG735 The Fantasy Dragon Silver Anklet adds a little dragon charm to y..

$18.26 US

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