Reseller Program

The Peter Stone Jewellery by Dragon Moon Reseller Program

We are the official Distributor of Peter Stone Jewellery in Canada and offer true wholesale on the entire line.

We also offer discounts on all items found on

You will need to create a retail account on both sites if you want to shop on both of our sites.  Accounts are not linked between our two sites.

You only need to fill out one reseller application.  If you have an active Reseller account on Dragon Moon, simply create an account here and send us an email telling us you have - we'll activate your account here too based on your Dragon Moon account without need to fill the Reseller Info out again.

You may want to order your Peter Stone Jewellery directly on Dragon Moon as all items listed there are in stock and ready to ship.  Items here will take time to create and ship to us prior to shipping to you.  A better variety will be found here, however.


Do you run a business where our products would fit in? Does your business offer something unique to the metaphysical retail world?

We approve reseller accounts for those who've been in business for at least 6 months, have a brick and mortar shop, a well established online presence, or a combination of the two.

Opening order minimum of $300 for established businesses.  A higher opening order for new businesses may apply.

We ask you place your first order within 6 months and re-order within 12 months to keep your account active.  A Reseller order from either of our two sites is sufficient to keep your account active.

Your completed application can be emailed to

Save on Shipping! - Our Resellers still pay the same rate of shipping our retail customers do, provided it is shipped to an address in Canada or the USA.  In a few cases, Rush Reseller orders will have an additional charge, charged as a differential of our Best Rate shipping.  This only occurs if an order is bulky, a rush and for a Reseller.

Once approved, your discount will show automatically as if the items are on sale.

Our Reseller Application is simple, however we may ask for additional information at time of registering prior to activating your account. 

Please also create a retail account at our online store so we can activate it for you without delay.

Peter Stone by Dragon Moon Reseller Application (simply copy/paste into an email)

Your Name:

Name of Business:

Years/Months in Business:

Business Number (if applicable):

Main Business Industry:

Primary Venue for Selling (retail store, market, online, etc):

Primary Venue Address (if applicable):

Website Address (if applicable):

Social Media Links (if applicable):
Mailing Address:

E-Mail Address:

Anticipated Opening Order Amount:

Anticipated Opening Order Date:

What unique and creative things do you offer in your business that sets you apart?:

Types of products you're looking to purchase from us:

PAY LATER OPTION: Choose "Cheque" or "E-Transfer" at checkout to complete your order without paying today.  As it takes time to have items made and shipped to us, we will contact you for payment before the batch is sent to us.

We offer Shipping Discounts and Free Shipping (see details)