Overhand Knot Rope Ring TRI1465 Even the simplest of knots can create lasting bonds. Wear this intri..
$30.63 US
Oberon Zell Astra Star GoddessB Solid Gold Pendant GPD1039 As seen in The Handmaid's Tale 4 Weeks D..
$1,413.01 US
Archangel Michael Silver Harmony Globe Pendant TPD4803B Finely hand-crafted, Peter Stone Harmony Gl..
$86.23 US
Braided Rope Silver Ring TRI1470 Wear this sterling silver braided rope ring to represent the stren..
$34.41 US
Mantees are intensely maternal, caring for their young for years after birth, sweet and affectionate..
$53.70 US
Break Away with the Dragonfly ~ An Aromatherapy Pendant TPD1408 B We have been drawn by the distinct..
$50.67 US
Celtic Sea Turtle Solid Gold Pendant GPD082*All prices for our gold items are subject to change with..
$621.02 US
Lobster Sterling Silver Ring TRI1400 The lobster is an animal emblem which is considered to have the..
$58.24 US

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